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UAFR - AR Finance Feeder Front-End User Guide

For the AR Feeder process, there is one format used for Banner AR (Student and General).

Naming Specifications for the Feeder File

Files submitted for processing need to follow this naming convention:

Please note the following:

  • ssssssss is the OBFS assigned System ID,
  • yyyymmdd is the submission date,
  • hhmmsss is the submission time (24 hour military time with seconds), and
  • .xxx is the file type (.csv and .xls/.xlsx accepted).

The entire file name must be in lower case letters. All periods (.) are required. The interface will not process files that fail to meet this naming standard.

Term Codes

The Banner Term Code is a 6-digit alphanumeric field.

All SAR transactions must be submitted with Banner formatted term codes. All GAR transactions must be submitted with the term code ARTERM.

For SAR transactions, use the format CYYYYT. The first character is a single character Campus Indicator, followed by a 4-character year and a single character term month code.

Campus Code

Campus Codes
Campus Code
Urbana 1
Chicago 2
Springfield 4

Term Month Code

Term Month Code
Campus Code
Spring 1
Summer 5
Fall 8


Receivable Campus Year Term Banner Term Code
SAR Chicago 2016 Fall 220168
SAR Springfield 2017 Summer 420175
SAR Urbana 2015 Spring 120151
GAR Chicago 2006 Fall ARTERM
GAR Urbana 2002 Summer ARTERM
SAR Chicago 2016 Fall 220168

Feeder File Record Layouts

The same format is used for both SAR and GAR transactions. They may be mixed within a single file submission (in other words, there is no longer a need to separate the SAR and GAR transactions into separate files.)

Feeder file record layouts
Input Field Name Field Description Data Type Width Required Value/Source
UIN University Identification Number/Vendor ID CHAR 9 YES @ sign is permissible
Detail_Code Detail Code - This field identifies the detail code associated with the transaction. CHAR 4 YES Must be all capital letters
Notes/Description Transaction Description - If a transaction description is supplied it will replace the default detail code description. CHAR 100 NO Data entered here will override Detail Code description. Only the first 30 characters will be written to Banner
Invoice_Number (GAR) Invoice Number CHAR 8 NO Banner may require Invoice # for all General Charges and Credits
Term Term Code – The Term to which the charge or credit should be applied CHAR 6 YES "ARTERM" or valid 6-digit numeric Term Code Value.
*TRAN_NUMBER_PAID Transaction Number Paid - The transaction number of an existing Banner transaction that this charge/credit should be applied to. CHAR 8 NO
*Document_Number Document Number – Optional field for departmental use CHAR 8 NO pass through, no validation
*Effective_Date Will drive posting date for Super Users. They can input past and/or future dates. DATE 10 NO Format: MM/DD/YYYY
Amount Amount - Amount of transaction NUMBER 12 YES Format: XXXXXXXXX.XX or
Cannot be -0-.
*Super User only

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