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Denodo - Connecting to an FTP/SFTP Site

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to add a data source from an FTP or SFTP site in Denodo.
  1. Go to the Denodo webpage.
  2. Log into Denodo.
  3. Open Design Studio for the appropriate environment.
  4. Open your VDB (virtual database).
  5. Navigate to Connectivity then Data Sources.
  6. Select the vertical ellipses next to the 01 - Data Sources folder.
  7. Select New.
  8. Select Data source.
  9. Select which type of file you want to connect to.

Data Source Configuration

  1. Enter a descriptive Name with no spaces.
    NOTE: Names will automatically be converted to lowercase.
  2. For Data route, select SFTP / FTP / FTPS Client.
  3. Enter the URL for the file, making sure to include two slashed between the top-level domain and the sub-directory.
    Example: s
  4. For Authentication, select the Use login and password.
  5. Enter the Login and Password to access the data on the SFTP site.
  6. For Column delimiter, enter the character that separates the values.
    1. For a CSV file, enter a comma (,).
    2. For a tab delimited text file, enter \t.
      NOTE: Multiple delimiters can be listed with a space separating individual delimiters.
  7. Select the Header checkbox if your delimited data source file includes headers.
  8. Once the configuration has been completed, select Test Connection.
  9. Once the connection is successful, select Save to save the data source.

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