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Denodo - Re-creating OAuth Credentials for Box and SharePoint Integrations

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to re-create OAuth Credentials for Box and SharePoint Integrations in Denodo.

OAuth credentials in Denodo, specifically the refresh token, can expire due to a period of inactivity in data source use or if a Denodo connection to a data source in Box or SharePoint gets tested after the data source has been created.

Error when querying a base view that indicates the refresh token for that data source has expired:

Finished with error: Error executing query. Total time 0.293 seconds.



TEST_CSV_FILE#0 [DF ROUTE] [PARSE_ERROR] Received exception with message '400 Bad Request


{ "error" : "invalid_grant",

"error_description" : "Refresh token has expired"}'

Follow these steps to recreate the OAuth credentials in Denodo:

  1. Log into Denodo.
  2. Open Design Studio for the appropriate environment.
  3. Open your VDB (virtual database).
  4. Navigate to Connectivity then Data Sources.
  5. Open the data source you need to re-create the OAuth credentials for.
  6. Expand the Authentication section.
  7. Delete the Client secret value that is currently there.
  8. Retrieve the Client secret from where you recorded it when the Box Custom App or SharePoint Integration was initially created.
  9. Once the Client secret has been entered, select the Launch the OAuth 2.0 credentials wizard to help you obtain these credentials link.
    NOTE: If this option is still inactive or grayed out after pasting the client secret, go to the upper right corner and select Tools. Then select OAuth credentials wizards and select OAuth 2.0 wizard.
  10. Expand the 2. Generate the authorization URL section.
  11. Select Generate to generate the authorization URL.
  12. Select Open URL next to the generated Authorization URL.
    NOTE: Opening the URL will take you to the Box website on your browser. If you have an existing session with Box, the Virtual DataPort OAuth 2.0 Credentials Wizard webpage will automatically appear.
  13. Select Grant access to Box.
  14. On the Virtual DataPort OAuth 2.0 Credentials Wizard webpage, copy the URL.
  15. Return to the Denodo OAuth 2.0 credentials wizard.
  16. Expand the 3. Paste the authorization response URL section.
  17. Paste the URL into the Authorization response URL field.
  18. Expand the 4. Obtain the OAuth 2.0 credentials section.
  19. Select OAuth 2.0 credentials.
    NOTE: A notification will appear notifying you that the OAuth2.0 credentials were successfully obtained.
  20. Select Copy the credentials to the clipboard.
    NOTE: Paste to a convenient, easily accessible location (such as Notepad) in case the Access token and Refresh token are not automatically filled out in the data source configuration. The copied credentials include client identifier, client shared secret, access token, and refresh token.
  21. Select OK.

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