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1UPB - Approving Bi-Weekly Timesheets in Banner (Using PHATIME)1207332024-02-231421
2Web Time Entry 9x - Approving and Correcting Timesheets1304772024-02-23846
3UPB - Accessing, Reviewing, and Approving Pending Timesheets as a Proxy Approver in Web Time Entry1355402024-02-1965
4UPB - Web Time Entry 9x Resources1337752024-02-1913016
5UPB - Accessing, Reviewing, and Approving Pending Timesheets as a Superuser in Web Time Entry1355392024-02-1996
6UPB - Repaying Payroll Overpayments – Guide for Employees1197702024-02-151261
7UPB - Adding and Removing Proxy Users in Web Time Entry1353972024-02-1282
8UPB - Approving and Correcting Timesheets in Web Time Entry1353962024-02-12124
9UPB - Web Time Entry for Approvers, Proxy Approvers, and Superusers (Recorded Presentation)1353942024-02-12335
10UPB - Web Time Entry for Student, Graduate Hourly, Academic Hourly, and Extra Help Employees (Recorded Presentation)1353932024-02-121061
11UPB - Web Time Enty for Civil Service Non-Exempt Employees (Recorded Presentation)1353922024-02-12750
12UPB - Recalling a Timesheet from Pending Status in Web Time Entry1352482024-02-1298
13UPB - Recalling a Timesheet from Approved Status in Web Time Entry1353912024-02-1271
14UPB - Entering Your Time in Web Time Entry: Civil Service Non-Exempt Employees1353982024-02-12161
15UPB - Entering Your Time in Web Time Entry: Non-Status Employees1353952024-02-12128
16UPB - Viewing and Editing an Account Distribution in Web Time Entry1354012024-02-1272
17Web Time Entry 9x - Adding and Removing Proxy Users1304802024-02-08200
18Web Time Entry 9x - Entering Your Time For Civil Service Non-Exempt Employees1304752024-02-071875
19UPB - Best Practices for Bi-Weekly Time Reporting1236862024-02-02802
20UPB - Audit Issues and Common Errors in Bi-Weekly Time Reporting1236872024-02-02747
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