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1JDXpert - Training for University of Illinois Springfield1188032024-05-204685
2System HR - HR Front End Training1242202024-02-021305
3SYSHR- Retiree Rehire Form Instructions, Urbana Campus1203672024-02-021123
4JDX - JDXpert: Accessing the System Module1236742024-02-02950
5JDX - JDXpert: The Dashboard Module1236752024-02-02891
6CSOD - Cornerstone: Accessing the System Module1236712024-02-021018
7CSOD - Cornerstone: The Hiring Dashboard Module1236732024-02-02758
8System HR - PARIS Overview Course1206282024-01-261258
9System HR - PARIS Prior Underpayment Adjustments1206292024-01-261275
10System HR - Performance Appraisal System Walk Thru1205622023-07-061651
11Cornerstone - Training for University of Illinois Springfield1194582023-06-266028
12JDXpert - UIUC Training Modules1187282023-04-243884
13System HR - Position/Job Descriptor Requirements1205702023-04-121286
14System HR - Educate to Eliminate Microaggressions in the Workplace1205452022-11-231177
15System HR - Termination Codes (Employee level)1203852022-11-231449
16System HR - Search Committee Training1205382022-11-231055
17System HR - FMLA/Covered Service Member Leave: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)1206012022-11-231159
18System HR - 60 Minutes of DEI1205402022-11-231128
19System HR - National Equity Project Free Webinars1205412022-11-231115
20System HR - All That We Share1205482022-11-231190
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