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1iBuy - Completing the PO Special Payment Request Form1202902024-06-212529
2Internal Controls - iBuy Roles Explained1316292024-06-11653
3iBuy - Change Request Process in iBuy (Purchasing Only)1320702024-05-221278
4iBuy - Completing the Purchase Requisition Form1202502024-05-226429
5iBuy - How to Find an Invoice in iBuy1374082024-05-21605
6Contracts+ Using the Contract Request Form – Contract Requestor1203242024-05-163311
7Contracts+ Access Using the Contracts+ Increment in the SecApp1203372024-05-141772
8Contracts+ Access Requirement Ethics and Confidentiality Acknowledgement for Contracts1244312024-05-141097
9Contracts+ Contract Administrator/Internal Reviewer Using the Jaggaer Word App during Contract Review1203342024-05-142196
10Contracts+ Searching for Contracts1203252024-05-141844
11Contracts+ Contract Approver Approving Contracts and Contract Requests1203272024-05-141697
12Contracts+ Contract Administrator eSignature in Contracts+1203312024-05-141482
13Contracts+ Contract Requestor Using the Contract Request Form1285082024-05-14568
14Contracts+ Contract Administrator Approving a CRF and Building a Contract1203302024-05-141774
15Contracts+ Contract Administrator Internal Review Rounds1203322024-05-141407
16Contracts+ Comptroller Delegate Creating a Signatures Block1203352024-05-141411
17Contracts+ Contract Administrator Processing Amendments for PCM & Real Estate1203332024-05-141916
18Contracts+ Contract Administrator Adding an Obligation to a Contract1203282024-05-141374
19iBuy - Determining the status of a requisition and finding the Assigned Approver1202932024-05-101775
20iBuy - Invoice Approver1202912024-05-071607
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