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1Training and Development Resources Homepage1182502024-06-2129543
2Ability LMS - Master Schedule for the Trainer Profile1174142023-08-281815
3UPB - Entering Your Time for Part-Time Salaried-Non Exempt Employees1377842024-06-13440
4Chrome River - Itemizing Lodging Expenses1151052024-06-2112613
5UPB - Entering Your Time for Full-Time Salaried-Non Exempt Employees1377822024-06-13807
6Contracts+ Contract Administrator Internal Review Rounds1203322024-05-141461
7iBuy - Searching For and Establishing Second Parties for Contracts+1203262024-05-072266
8iBuy - Departmental Approval Process (Approver)1202872024-04-291942
9UAFR - Overview of Banner Program Codes & NACUBO Functions1195182024-04-027010
10Chrome River – Tracking a Submitted Expense Report1246032024-04-022480
11iBuy - Completing the Standing Order Form1202772024-07-083250
12Denodo - Ingesting Table/Column Comments into Base Views1379382024-07-01108
13Sponsored Programs - Multi-Year Labor Encumbering1325162024-06-26160
14iBuy - Completing the Purchase Requisition Form1202502024-05-227101
15Contracts+ Contract Administrator eSignature in Contracts+1203312024-05-141540
16Contracts+ Contract Administrator Adding an Obligation to a Contract1203282024-05-141430
17UAFR -Year End Labor Redistributions1195852024-04-022001
18Purchasing - Copying a Purchase Order to a Requisition1203472024-04-021620
19Purchasing - Copying Banner Purchase Orders for Renewal Orders1203492024-04-021575
20UPB - Entering Your Time for Civil Service Non-Exempt Employees in Web Time Entry1304752024-03-203375
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