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1Contracts+ Contract Administrator Processing Amendments for PCM & Real Estate1203332024-05-142001
2UPB - Document Checklist for Honoraria [Campus login required]1198982024-05-31323
3iBuy - Completing the Purchase Requisition Form1202502024-05-227105
4UAFR - Using Report Tabs1201482024-02-021580
5iBuy - Completing the Standing Order Form1202772024-07-083253
6iBuy - Change Request Process in iBuy (Purchasing Only)1320702024-05-221437
7UAFR - Financial Summary Trends Scenarios1201582024-02-021436
8UPB - Document Checklist for Expense Reimbursement - Foreign National Student or Non-Employee [Campus login required]1330442023-12-0158
9Ability LMS - Master Schedule for the Trainer Profile1174142023-08-281818
10UAFR - Gift and Endowment Income Fund Terminations1201182024-06-212418
11JDXpert - Training for University of Illinois Springfield1188032024-05-204980
12Contracts+ Using the Contract Request Form – Contract Requestor1203242024-05-163489
13Contracts+ Contract Requestor Using the Contract Request Form1285082024-05-14966
14UAFR - Overview of Banner Program Codes & NACUBO Functions1195182024-04-027014
15UPB - Document Checklist for Reimbursements: Foreign National Students and Non-Employees [Campus login required]1215012024-03-2918
16UPB - Repaying Payroll Overpayments – Guide for Employees1197702024-03-181798
17Using Mobius View1207592024-02-022593
18UAFR - My-UI-Financials View Data Details1204452024-02-021420
19System HR - Performance Appraisal System Walk Thru1205622023-07-061784
20System – HR FMLA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)1203872022-11-231175
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