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System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

Step 1. Create the I-9

Use this method only when a new employee will be working from a remote location and unable to be physically present to provide original documents for Section 2. The employee will complete Section 1 online. Then, the employee must visit a Designated Agent Representative and provide original documents for verification in order to complete Section 2.

This method should only be used when an employee will be working away from your primary workplace. The employee must still complete Section 1 by the first day of work, and must meet with a Designated Agent Representative to complete Section 2 by the third day of work. If you need assistance finding a Designated Agent Representative for the new hire, contact your central HR office.

Start the I-9 process by clicking the Create I-9 button on the Employee Profile page:

 System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

Then, click the Remote – Employer Appoint option.

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

Enter as much information as is available. You must complete the following fields:

  • Start Date must be the first date the employee will be working. This typically matches the HRFE start date.
  • Employee Email Address must be the employee’s email address.
  • Employer Representative Email Address must be the email address of a Designated Agent Representative who will examine and verify the employee’s documents and complete Section 2.

If you have not identified a Designated Agent Representative, select Enter this information LATER. If you select the option to enter it later, you must return to this form as soon as a Designated Agent Representative is identified and complete the required information.

When you click Continue, two emails will be sent:

  • An email will go to the employee instructing them to complete Section 1 (see an example of the email). The employee will complete Section 1 on their own.
  • An email will go to the representative requesting them to complete Section 2 (see an example of the email). If they accept, the new employee will be notified to set up a meeting time to complete Section 2, and the representative will be granted access to Section 2 once Section 1 has been completed by the employee.

Step 2. Employee Completes Section 1

The employee must complete Section 1 by their first day of work. Ensure that the employee reads the instructions provided, and is able to access the full instruction sheet in the upper-right corner:

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

 Tracker organizes Section 1 into the following parts.

Part A

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

In Part A, the employee must complete the following:

  • First/Given Name
  • Middle Initial (enter N/A if not applicable)
  • Last/Family Name
  • Other Last Names Used (for example, maiden name; enter N/A if not applicable)
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY format)

Part B

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

In Part B, the employee must complete the following:

  • Street Address
  • Apartment (enter N/A if not applicable)
  • City/Town
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Telephone Number (enter N/A if not applicable)
  • Email Address (enter N/A if not applicable)

Please note that the employee is not required to provide their telephone number or email address. However, if they do not provide them, then N/A must be entered to prevent empty fields.

Part C

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

In Part C, the employee must affirm his or her status as a citizen, noncitizen national, lawful permanent resident, or alien authorized to work. Certain statuses may require that the employee enter a document number:

  • U.S. citizens and noncitizen nationals do not need to enter any document numbers here.
  • Lawful permanent residents must enter their Alien Registration Number or USCIS Number. These are seven to nine digits; numbers shorter than nine digits must include leading zeroes.
  • Aliens authorized to work must enter one of the following:
    • Alien Registration Number or USCIS Number
    • Form I-94 Admission Number
    • Foreign Passport Number and Issuing Country

Validate & Sign

After all parts are complete, the employee clicks Save/Validate. If the employee has omitted any required fields, a popup will alert them to which fields are blank and that they will be filled with N/A. The employee has the option to cancel and review Section 1 if any field is mistakenly blank.

The final step is the employee signature. The employee must carefully read and review all information presented. Then, the employee confirms and enters their full name, their birthplace (as a security measure), selects “I Agree”, and affirms whether they did or did not use a translator or preparer. If a preparer/translator was used, they will complete their information as needed here. Finally, the employee clicks “Sign Form I-9 Electronically” to complete Section 1.

The employee will have the option to print a receipt at the completion of Section 1. They will also be informed that the next step is to present documents for Section 2 in person, along with a list of acceptable documents.

Step 3. Enter or Change Designated Agent Representative Info

If you did not enter information for the Designated Agent Representative when creating the I-9, you must do so before Section 2 can be started. Navigate to the Employee Profile page for the new employee. Then, make sure the Remote Access I-9 is selected, and click the View button:

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

Next, on the Remote I-9 tab, click the Menu icon:

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

In the menu that appears, select Update Employer Representative. Confirm that you wish to update if prompted.

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

Enter as much information as is available for the representative. You must include an email address.

If you need to change the representative information later, you can follow this same process.

Step 4. Representative Completes Section 2

Section 2 must be completed by the representative by the third day of work, and after the employee completes Section 1. The purpose of this section is to verify original documents that support the information provided by the employee in Section 1.

Important Note: You must not specify which documents that the employee presents, so long as the employee has either one List A document, or one document each from List B and List C. A full list of acceptable documents is available in the I-9 instructions. However, to fulfill E-Verify requirements, any List B document that the employee presents must have a photograph.

Part A

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

In Part A, the representative will select the document or documents presented by the employee. They must ensure that the documents reasonably relate to the employee, appear genuine and original, and that they match the information from Section 1. The representative can see a summary of the Section 1 information by clicking the “View Section 1 Employee Information” link above Part A.

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

After selecting the documents, fill in the required information:

  • Issuing Authority will generally populate based on the document.
  • Document # must be entered. If you need help finding the correct number, hover over the circled “i” icon for information specific to the selected document.
  • Expires must be the expiration date as indicated on the document.

Note: If the representative needs to enter "D/S" in the expiration field for an I-94, it will auto-populate once they select the appropriate visa in the Additional Documents list.

If an employee presents a U.S. Passport, the Agent must scan the passport ID page (the page with the photograph) and the barcode page (usually at the end). If an employee presents a U.S. Passport Card, Permanent Resident Card, or Employment Authorization Document, the Agent must scan the front and back of the document and upload it to Tracker. Once uploaded, delete and do not retain other copies of the documents. You must not scan, retain, or attach any other files.

Part B

System HR - Remote Hire (Sections 1 & 2)

In Part B, the representative must electronically sign Section 2:

  • First name, last name, and title are all required.
  • The representative must check the “I Agree” box to affirm that they have reviewed and verified, to the best of their knowledge, the information entered in Section 2.
  • The representative clicks “Sign Form I-9 Electronically” to sign and complete Section 2.

If there are any mistakes found which prevent the representative from signing Section 2, they should correct them and try again. If they continue to experience problems, contact your central HR office.

Step 5. Manager Confirms and Accepts I-9

Once the representative has completed Section 2, you must review and accept the I-9. You may receive an email notification, but should check the I-9 regularly to see if it is complete. When Section 2 has been completed and signed, visit the I-9 page and verify that all information appears to be complete and correct. To accept the form, click Accept Form I-9.

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