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UPB - Submitting an Employee Recognition Award

Submitting an Employee Recognition Award

Employee recognition award payment requests are entered and submitted by the Department Originator in the Adjustment Notification Application (ANA).

When requesting payment of an employee recognition award, review the policy for the required approvals:

Before submitting the payment in ANA, make sure the award recipient is not also the Department Approver. If the approver is also the awardee, locate the alternate approver’s Chart/Orgn Code (see step 11). If an alternate Chart/Orgn Code is not available, see Workaround: Submitting Employee Recognition Awards to ANA Approvers.

  1. Log in to ANA at
  2. Enter the UIN of the employee receiving the recognition award in the ID (UIN) field.
  3. Select Award Payment from the Select Adjustment Type menu.
  4. Click the Create button.
  5. Review and obtain approvals needed.
  6. Enter C-FOAPAL string from which payment is to be made.
    NOTE: All employee recognition awards pay on account 281500.
  7. Click the Continue button.
  8. Enter amount of the employee recognition award in the Amount field.
  9. Select Withhold applicable statutory deductions from this amount if you want withholdings deducted from the award amount.
    Select Gross up so employee will receive this net amount if you want the employee to receive the exact award amount.
  10. Click the Continue button.
  11. Select the Approver’s Chart/Orgn Code from the list.
    NOTE: Department approvers cannot approve their own transactions. Select the Chart/Orgn Code of the alternate approver if the normal approver is also the awardee.
  12. Enter your name in the Contact Person field.
  13. Enter your phone number in the Phone field.
  14. Enter your e-mail address in the E-mail field.
  15. Enter the expected payment date in the Date of Award Direct Deposit field.
    NOTE: All payments are made on Fridays according to the payroll adjustment schedule. Enter a direct deposit date for the first Friday following the award ceremony or presentation date.
  16. Enter the date of the award ceremony in the Date of Award Presentation field.
  17. Enter detailed information about the employee recognition award in the Comments field. Describe the award, including the name of the award and any information the Approver will need.
  18. Click the Submit button.

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