Oracle 11G Client and ODBC Facts and Information

I need some information about the Oracle 11g client. I need some information about ODBC connections.

Why do I need the Oracle 11g Client?
    The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is an Oracle database. Therefore, you need the Oracle 11g client if you need to access the EDW with a reporting tool other than Business Objects, i.e., the EDDIE web site or Web Intelligence.

My software makes ODBC connections to databases; where is the Oracle ODBC driver for 11g?
    The Oracle ODBC driver for 11g is part of the Oracle client. Install the Oracle 11g client to install the Oracle ODBC driver for 11g.

What does the Oracle 11g Client do?

The Oracle 11g client is a layer of software that permits your reporting software to “talk” to Oracle databases. The client software permits other software to find the Oracle databases on the network and receive query results.

What is ODBC? What does it do?
    ODBC means “Open Database Connection.” Open Database Connections have long provided a standard means for software to connect to databases. ODBC driver software is like a template. For each database of a particular type to which you need to connect, the ODBC driver software permits you to set up a specific ODBC connection to that database. In other words you need the driver to make connections. You will have one ODBC connection for each database which you query. You will create all connections to the same kinds of databases with the same driver software.

ODBC? Oracle Client? Which do I use?

Your choice of reporting software determines which means of connection you will use. For example, Microsoft Access connects to an Oracle database using ODBC connections. Other software such as SAS or Crystal Reports can use either the Oracle client or an ODBC connection. In that case you may likely find that using the Oracle 11g Client is more efficient than using ODBC.

For any other questions concerning the oracle 11g client or ODBC connections, please email AITS Service Desk at or call them at (217) 333-3102 or (312) 996-4806.

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