Is there a Service Desk quick reference for University Ethics Training and compliance?

Service Desk quick reference


Points of Clarification:

•    This year, the training is being hosted in Moodle:   
         Note: To open the page with out any error messages (Forbidden You don't have permission to access) copy and past the exact URL on a new browser. 
•    Employees will access the ethics training using their netid and password to authenticate through Shibboleth.  
•    Not all university employees will complete this particular course – there are other training requirements based on employee job classification, appointment, etc.
•    Please direct anyone who is unable to access the training for reasons other than inaccurate netid and/or password to the University Ethics and Compliance Office at or 866-758-2146

Training URL:
Login: University Net ID/Password

Ethics Line: 866-758-2146
Ethics and Compliance Office email:

PLEASE NOTE: the Ethics Line rings in all offices and we all have access to the ethics e-mail account, so please use the default contact information– we typically respond to the email account first. If you are unable to reach us through the Ethics Line, you may try our direct lines as noted below.

Ethics Office Contacts Direct Lines: FOR YOUR USE ONLY – NOT TO BE DISTRIBUTED
•    Leigh Volpert: 217-206-6202;
•    Donna McNeely: 217-206-6209;
•    Traci Rolf: 217-206-6204;

Help Desk Responsibilities:
•    University Net ID and password reactivations/resets
•    Browser setting assistance
For any content outside the responsibilities listed above, please direct employees or students to our office:; 866-758-2146

Training Window:
•    October 1 – October 31, 2019 at 5:00 PM CT

Reminder Dates (high learner access days):
•    October 15
•    October 30

Accessing the Training:
1.    Open your browser and go to: 
2.    Click “NetID Login”
3.    Choose your university location and “Select”
4.    Enter your university netid and password and “Login”

5.    Once logged into the University of Illinois System Training LMS, on the Course Overview screen, select the Annual Ethics Training icon by clicking on the image.
6.    On the dashboard, please click on the “2019 Ethics Training for Faculty and Staff" link
7.    Your course will open and you may progress following the on screen prompts.
8.    Upon completion, click the link provided to obtain your Certificate of Completion.

If an employee does not see the training icon upon login, please have them email to request course access..

Do not tell any caller/employee they are not required to complete ethics training – the faculty and staff program is just one of the ethics courses available.
Modifying Screen Resolution to avoid scrolling:
1024X768 is usually optimal to prevent scrolling.  However, personal settings can also contribute to scrolling (e.g., toolbars, browser text size, task bar).  The higher the resolution setting, the more likely scrolling will be minimized. Users can select Ctrl + or – to adjust the zoom in their browser.  Courses are best viewed at 100%.

Supported Browsers:
Moodle is compatible with any standards compliant web browser. We regularly test Moodle with the following browsers:

    Internet Explorer

    Google Chrome

For the best experience and optimum security, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date.

Note: Legacy browsers with known compatibility issues with Moodle 3.6:
    Internet Explorer 10 and below
    Safari 7 and below

Screen Readers:

**Specifically, testing was conducted in VoiceOver on Mojave, NVDA 2019.1.1 and JAWS 2019.1906.10

Common Questions:
•    Employees can jump backwards to prior course content and forward to their furthest page viewed in the course by using the “Table of Contents” menu in the upper left hand corner of the training screen.

2019 Seasonal, Temporary and Medical Resident Training

Points of Clarification:
•    Training is hosted internally in Nessie System.
•    Undergraduate student workers, extra help employees, and medical residents will access their ethics training course using their NetID and password to authenticate within the Nessie System. They DO NOT use Moodle or the Ability LMS for their annual ethics training.
•    Paper version of training is available in PDF format under the heading “Offline Training” at
•    Please direct anyone who is unable to access the training for reasons other than netid/password issues to the University Ethics and Compliance Office at or 1-866-758-2146.

Training URL:
Login:  Use University Netid and password.

Ethics Line: 866-758-2146
Ethics and Compliance Office email:

Supported Browsers:  Due to the flash-based content, users must log in via Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Google Chrome and Safari are not compatible for completing this course.

Common Questions:
•    If the employee’s job has not yet been entered in BANNER, they will not be able to complete the Seasonal, Temporary and Medical Resident Training.
•    Employees who either lose their connection or spend a large amount of time within the course may receive a 500 error when trying to submit their completion. This is due to security within Nessie and in the event this happens, we ask that you provide the following instruction:

This error occurs if and when the internet drops at some point while you are reviewing the training material.  Due to the security measures in the New Hire system, when the confirmation button is pressed, if it is recognized the internet connection was compromised at any point, it will produce the error.  To resolve this, simply close the browser, log back in, move through the material quickly (since you have already reviewed it) and press submit.  This will then record your completion.

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