How do I print with Wepa?

Wepa offers multiple options for printing:

When first using a Wepa print station, you will be prompted to swipe your iCard and then create a 6-digit PIN. After this, you will be able to log in to the Wepa print stations by just swiping your iCard and entering your PIN.

In order to utilize Wepa with the ACCC quota and UIC Dragon Dollar$, you must have been issued a physical UIC i-card. The Dragon Dollar$ account is created when the i-card is issued and is checked each time a user logs into a Wepa station. The login attempt will fail if the Dragon Dollar$ account doesn't exist. Be sure to visit the UIC ID Center to obtain the i-card. (ID cards from UIUC and UIS will not suffice; a UIC i-card must be issued.)

If you are a guest, simply create a new Wepa account at a print station.