What are some ways to host my personal website?

Explains options available for publishing personal content by faculty, students, and staff at UIC.


people.uic.edu is the free shared personal web hosting platform for our faculty, staff, and students at UIC. The default URL for sites on people.uic.edu is http://NetID.people.uic.edu with NetID being replaced with your own personal NetID. You can sign up for your account by visiting people.uic.edu.


Google Sites

Our GoogleApps@UIC service includes the use of Google Sites. Google Sites offers template-based websites and content management systems for individual faculty, staff, and student pages as well as groups like departments, campus units, student and professional organizations and research groups. You can visit our Google Sites page to request yours today.

The default URL for a UIC Google Site is https://sites.google.com/a/uic.edu/site where site is the name you give your Google Site.

Custom URLs are available for the following groups:

Google Sites can only be accessed from the web; they are inaccessible via SSH or SFTP.