How do I manage my wiki users?

Explains how someone can manage their wiki users

As an administrator, managing your Wiki is not simply a matter of using the administrative section of the Wiki. There is another tool called clusters that must be used to manage users.

  1. Visit clusters admin and log in with your UIC credentials if prompted.
  2. Click on Action > Open Existing Cluster.

3. Wait a couple of seconds for the page to load. Your wiki(s) will appear. Expand the one you'd like to manage.

4. Each wiki you control should each have a green "admin" and "change" priv item under it. Click on the priv cluster that corresponds to the type of user you would like to add, modify, or delete, and then click on the Personal Members tab. In the image below, one user is shown with the "change" privilege type in an example wiki.

5. To add a new user, enter their UIC NetID (one per line) and click on Add NetIDs.

6. To delete a user, select a row and click on Delete Selected Rows.

Adding more administrative users

If you wish to add more users who have administrative privileges to add/remove other users, use the following steps:

  1. Following the previous section's directions on accessing the cluster management area, click on your wiki's folder ("cluster") such that the title on the upper portion of the screen reflects the folder name with no additional ":admin" or ":change" at the end of the "Current Cluster:" title.

  2. Click on the Personal ACLs tab. You will see an area where a NetID can be entered - enter the desired new user's NetID. Keep "Admin" as the default choice for the ACL dropdown menu, and click Submit. The new user will be shown in the access list in the middle of the screen, and will now too be able to manage users in your wiki.

Wiki access settings

  1. At the bottom of your wiki's main page, click on the WebPreferences link.
  2. At the bottom of the WebPreferences page, focus on the Access control section, which contains properties (in all caps to the left of each equals sign) and values (e.g. YourWikiName:view) that may appear to the right of equals signs:
  • Set ALLOWWEBVIEW = YourWikiName:view, YourWikiName:change
  • Set ALLOWWEBCHANGE = YourWikiName:change
  • Set ALLOWWEBRENAME = YourWikiName:change

Users or groups allowed to change or rename this WebPreferences topic: (e.g., AdminGroup)

  • Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = YourWikiName:admin
  • Set ALLOWTOPICRENAME = YourWikiName:admin

The most important thing to recognize about Access control is that the group values of YourWikiName:view, YourWikiName:change, and YourWikiName:admin all correspond directly to the groups of users, as designated in the cluster management page.

If YourWikiName:view is set as the value for ALLOWWEBVIEW, only the users explicitly added to the view group will be able to view the wiki, even if there are no users added to the group. This is the most effective way to restrict access to your wiki. In all circumstances, outside visitors (those without UIC NetIDs) are prohibited from accessing wikis in this system.

If ALLOWWEBVIEW is left blank, without values, then all visitors with UIC NetIDs are permitted to access the wiki.

Visit Foswiki documentation for detailed descriptions of properties and the effects of assigning different groups and values to them. These privileges can get complicated - do not hesitate to contact for assistance.

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