How do I remove a student from the Blackboard course enrollment list?

Students can be removed from the Users and Groups page.

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful when removing students from Blackboard course sites as all information associated with the student (inc. grades and homework assignment submissions) will be deleted. Before removing students, make sure you do not need to refer back to these students' grades, assignments, quizzes, etc. from the Blackboard course site.

The process is quick and easy. However, before you remove a student from your Blackboard course site, they need to be removed from the Banner system first. If they are not removed from Banner first, they will be re-enrolled after you remove the student from your Blackboard course.

Original Course View:

Note: You can also display the names of all the students in your course using "Search: UIC NetID Not blank" and checking the names of any and all students that you want to remove from the course before completing the last two steps of this procedure.

Ultra Course View:

  • On the course homepage, click Roster
  • Click the three dots next to the student's name
  • Click Edit Member Information
  • Click the trash can icon next to the user's name to remove them from the course.