How do I add files to my Blackboard site?

Files can be uploaded from cloud storage or on your computer.

Original Course View:

File attachments may be added to different places in a Course. For example, to an Item, an Assignment, or a File in a Learning Module. There are two options for adding file attachments:

Ultra Course View:

In the Ultra view, files can be added from cloud storage or on your computer. Access this link for more information:

Make sure to name your documents properly. Filenames should be reasonably short, generally not longer than about 20-25 characters, and should not contain spaces or special characters (especially problematic are !:$#/&\,*?;%=). Stick to letters, digits, dashes and underscores and you will have no problems. Uploading problems may also stem from bandwidth limitations from your ISP, and impatient users - don't click elsewhere while uploading a file, but wait for the "content successfully added" notification.