What are UIC's telephone rates, stipulations, and services offered?

Phone Services

Single Line and Multi-Line Phone Rates VoIP Rates Permanent Rates
M9315: $6.75 per month 7960: $5.00 per month Emergency 911: $1.50 per month
Multi line with Display: $15.00 per month Side Card Add-On: $5.00 per month  
Multi line Display with Speaker: $15.00 per month VoIP Voicemail (32 messages): $6.00 per month  
22 Add-on Module: $15.00 per month    

Additional Charges


Installation Charges

The hourly cost for all requests is $59.65 per hour. Below is a list of typical service requests and their estimated costs. These costs assume that all information received about the request is accurate and does not include any unforeseen issues with the request.

Service Request Estimated Cost
Installing a phone $59.65/hour
Moving a phone $59.65/hour
Upgrading a phone $59.65/hour
Add-on for Multi-Line set $59.65/hour
Remove a phone Free
Install a new jack 8-14 hours at $59.65/hour
Expand a jack 4-6 hours at $59.65/hour