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How do I enforce Bluestem Authentication for a FormMail form?

This article demonstrates how to enforce Bluestem authentication for a FormMail form.

This example demonstrates enforcing Bluestem authentication for a FormMail form.


<head><title>Just testing</title></head>
<form method="post" action="">
<h1>Example of FormMail 3.01</h1>
This is similar to example 3, however
it uses bluestem authentication.  The point is so
the authenticated bluestem id can be captured
in a disk file.
It is <b>essential</b> that you authenticate <b><i>before</i></b>
filling out and submitting this form!  If you have already
authenticated to tigger through bluestem, go ahead.  But if not,
you should stop and 
<a href="">authenticate now</a>.
At the end of this authentication, you will be redirected
back to a fresh copy of this form.
My email address is: 
<input type="text" name="email" >
FormMail 3.01 is such an improvement over 2.0 that:<br>
<input type=radio name="radbut" value="socks">
My socks were knocked off!<br>
<input type=radio name="radbut" value="chair">
I fell of my chair.<br>
<input type=radio name="radbut" value="big deal">
What's the big deal? Just use postcards. <br>

Free-form comments, if you like;
<textarea name=comments rows=5 cols=60>
<input type="submit" value="Submit your comments">

Configuration file

<!DOCTYPE form SYSTEM 'FormMail-3.0.dtd'>
<form debug name="example10" >

 <!-- Insist on bluestem authentication -->
<auth vtype=bluestem>

 <!-- I really want your email address -->

<validate name="email" public="Your email address"  vtype="email">
 <!-- Mail will not be sent.  -->

<mail NOMAIL name="mail1" >

<!-- Here is the file section.  In production, I'd have to
  remove the NOFILE option.  Note that by using the <filename>
  tag, I'll append info to an existing file. -->

<file name="filesection">

 <!-- Here's the html response header 
      Note that the full html page is generated, including
      the <html>...</html> tags 

<response name="r0" >
<h1> Thank You for Submitting your Comments</h1>

<P> I hope I find them useful. :-)


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