How do I set up the My Devices Portal?

Steps on how to add a new device to your MY Devices listing.

STEP 1: “My Devices” Portal
Login securely at Portal Setup with your UIC NetID and Common Password.

STEP 2: UIC ACCC Acceptable Use Policy
You will need to read through and Accept the Acceptable Use Policy.

STEP 3: Add a New Device
To add a new device to your MY Devices listing you will need to know the MAC address of your device. To locate your MAC address for all major devices please see: How do I find the MAC address of my specific device?

MAC addresses are represented as a set of 6 pairs of letters and numbers, separated by colons (ex. AA:BB:CC:11:22:33). IT recommends checking manufacturers’ websites to learn how to obtain Mac addresses for particular devices.

- Enter a device name (example Xbox One)
- Enter the MAC address (sometimes referred to as the Physical Address or Device ID) of the device.
- Enter a description of the device (example John Doe’s X-Box One)
- Click Submit
- After properly registering your device the status will show “Pending.  Your device is now ready to join the “mydevices” wireless network and will be useable immediately.

a) My Devices Portal > “Manage Devices”:

b) “Add Device”:

Example: Successfully Added Device

Example: Multiple Successful Devices

STEP 4: Marking a device as lost or stolen

- Select device
- Mark device as lost or stolen
- Device is listed as stolen and Blacklisted (will not be able to connect to “mydevices” SSID)

Step 5: Reinstating a Device After Being Marked Lost/Stolen (Blacklisted): 

- Select the Lost or Stolen device, and choose Reinstate (this removes the Blacklist)
- After device has been reinstated, the device will show up as “Not Registered”
- Delete your “Not registered” device.
- In order for the device to once again connect to the mydevices network you will need to re-register it.