How do I set up the My Devices Portal?

STEP 1: “My Devices” Portal
Login securely with Active Directory/NetID and Common Password at:

STEP 2: UIC ACCC Acceptable Use Policy
You will need to read through and accept the acceptable use policy.

STEP 3: Add a New Device
To add a new device to your MY Devices listing you will need to know the MAC address of your device. To locate your MAC address for all major devices please see How do I find the MAC address of my specific device?

MAC addresses are represented as a set of 6 pairs of letters and numbers, separated by colons (ex. AA:BB:CC:11:22:33). IT recommends checking manufacturers’ websites to learn how to obtain Mac addresses for particular devices.

- Enter a device name (example Xbox One)
- Enter the MAC address (sometimes referred to as the Physical Address or Device ID) of the device.
- Enter a description of the device (example John Doe’s X-Box One)
- Click Submit
- After properly registering your device the status will show “Pending.  Your device is now ready to join the “mydevices” wireless network and will be useable immediately.

a) My Devices Portal > “Manage Devices”:

b) “Add Device”:

Example: Successfully Added Device

Example: Multiple Successful Devices

STEP 4: Marking a device as lost or stolen

- Select device
- Mark device as lost or stolen
- Device is listed as stolen and Blacklisted (will not be able to connect to “mydevices” SSID)

Step 5: Reinstating a Device After Being Marked Lost/Stolen (Blacklisted): 

- Select the Lost or Stolen device, and choose Reinstate (this removes the Blacklist)
- After device has been reinstated, the device will show up as “Not Registered”
- Delete your “Not registered” device.
- In order for the device to once again connect to the mydevices network you will need to re-register it.