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1How do I download all the submitted papers for an assignment?757202020-02-13431
2Ultra: How do I filter my courses/ show only the current semester of courses?906112020-02-13424
3How can I schedule a lecture capture?757492020-02-13578
4How long does it take for a Blackboard Collaborate recording to publish?757642020-02-13439
5Date management: How can I update content dates from a previous semester?907822020-02-13320
6How can I track student views of a content item?757062020-02-13416
7Can I transfer my content from SoftChalk to Adobe Captivate?758052020-02-13236
8How can I check all my course links in a course to make sure they are still valid?907072020-02-13322
9What happens to my Blackboard site at the end of a term?836582020-02-13528
10How do I enable adaptive release option in a blackboard course site?756842020-02-13599
11How do you make a Grade center row visible again if it was hidden previously?757822020-02-13373
12What can I do to be prepared for the expiration of SoftChalk?758072020-02-13169
13How do I add students to a Blackboard Learn course site?836312020-02-13640
14How do I enable guest permissions in Blackboard so that guests have access to contents of the course?756802020-02-13523
15How do I copy a test from one course site to another?756872020-02-13496
16How can I change the point of entry for my course?758262020-02-13428
17Why can't I view course materials after the professor added me as a guest to the course site?756722020-02-13525
18Can guests participate in Blackboard discussion boards?757712020-02-13479
19Is there a way to see whether or not a student has logged onto a particular blackboard site?756682020-02-13654
20Does Blackboard send announcements out without the course being available to students?756912020-02-13678

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