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1How can I allow guests to access my Blackboard course?846592019-09-19202
2How can I import a course template to my new course site?757042019-09-18156
3Why don't I have access to content (adaptive release)?905502019-09-18277
4How do I enroll another instructor or my teaching assistant in my Blackboard course site?905412019-09-18231
5How do I make my Blackboard course available to students?846332019-09-18188
6How do I upload files to a Content Area in Blackboard?905372019-09-18220
7How Do I Collect and Grade Student Assignment Submissions?905352019-09-18222
8How can I prevent plagiarism in my course?905342019-09-18206
9How Do I Access Another Instructor's Blackboard Course Contents?848262019-09-18180
10How do I Remove a Student from my Blackboard Course?846342019-09-18203
11How do I Download Files from Blackboard?848102019-09-18194
12How do I upload Word or PDF Files to Blackboard?847392019-09-18193
13How do I upload a PowerPoint to Blackboard?847382019-09-18522
14How can I see all the students enrolled in my Blackboard class?905402019-09-17222
15Why does Personal Capture say I am not associated with any course?757342019-09-17352
16Why isn't my current class listed in personal capture even though I have registered for it in the past?757432019-09-17532
17Can guests participate in Blackboard discussion boards?757712019-09-17243
18Can I merge two courses and have all students be on one course site?758102019-09-17576
19What should I do if authentication failed when trying to log in to Webex?851852019-09-171743
20How do I request a Course Template Import?905322019-09-17204

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