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1What can I do if my classroom does not support lecture capture?800492019-10-18639
2How do I add my presentation to a class in order for students to view it online?921022019-10-18183
3How do I get my lecture recorded?836642019-10-17428
4How early can I request lecture captures?764362019-10-17642
5How do I Download Echo360 Personal Capture?849302019-10-16153
6How do I upload video to Blackboard?890982019-10-15503
7How do I ensure my Lecture Capture is recording in the classroom?884442019-10-15121
8How can I configure Echo360 Personal Capture Software for Mac?809732019-10-15646
9How do I turn my PowerPoint presentation into a video using Panopto?881282019-10-14846
10Which browsers are compatible with Echo360?836662019-10-09483
11How do I connect my Echo360 ALP section to a Blackboard content link?920992019-10-04261
12How can students access captured lectures in Blackboard?920982019-10-04223
13How can I find out more about Echo360?920952019-09-25306
14How do I link additional Echo360 course sections to a Blackboard course site?815102019-09-25518
15How do I download Echo360 Personal Capture?836632019-09-1964
16How do I add the Echo360 ALP LTI tool link to course content?836672019-09-18238
17How do I create a link to Echo360 ALP in the left navigation?836682019-09-18239
18Why does Personal Capture say I am not associated with any course?757342019-09-17406
19What does it mean when an Echo360 Section does not exist for my course?757332019-09-12246
20How do I access video statistics in Panopto?881342019-09-06507

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