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1*** How can I get support for Zoom?991372020-10-272668
2*** How do I protect my Zoom sessions?998142020-10-273869
3*** U of I Box, Logging in to Box services480622020-03-168835
4Who do I contact for support for my departmental provided mobile device?936172020-11-191068
5Who can request an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD's)?929622020-11-191059
6What are some best practices for using Zoom for meetings?991612020-11-1729747
7How do I get started with Zoom?991592020-11-176944
8How do I setup Exchange Online for my iOS mobile device?921172020-11-174875
9Why does the emergency web popup remain active after the “Hide” button is clicked?976642020-11-1658
10How do I submit a request for Startel support?929262020-11-161082
11How do I request a Google Group?919382020-11-16950
12How do I manage listserv subscriptions in FormMail?917462020-11-161370
13Why isn't my course on the list when I try to connect Blackboard to Poll Everywhere?764352020-11-161176
14What are the best practices for Blackboard Collaborate?874672020-11-163729
15What are UIC's telephone rates, stipulations, and services offered?912382020-11-132840
16How can I set up a non-personal, group or department email address?833932020-11-134202
17How do I install and configure a UIC softphone?751522020-11-1256
18What are the cloud-based storage solutions for UIC?854582020-11-123534
19How do I subscribe to a UIC Alert regional site notification list?993242020-11-1151
20Can I keep my UIC email address after I leave UIC?834312020-11-114105

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