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1*** How do I access W-2 and other tax forms for current and terminated or retired employees?754682020-02-181297
22FA - What is 2-Factor Authentication? [Campus login required]659372020-08-050
3Can someone help me change my password without me coming to the university?751792020-08-033067
4How do I update my information in the UIC Directory?930642020-07-311591
5I forgot my password, what should I do?751962020-07-301927
6How do I set up accounts for affiliates?912432020-07-301450
7How do I utilize the Event Logging service?856572020-07-281250
8How do I request Shibboleth integration?930722020-07-21828
9How do I install MBAM?912812020-07-211296
10I am trying to change my password but the password change application does not accept the new password I want to create. What are the password requirements?836112020-07-15673
11How do I get an activation token as a student?751952020-07-152253
12How do I install and configure Shibboleth?930732020-07-141613
13How do I check or update my password recovery options?751672020-07-131238
14How Do I assign Liaison Roles for the Department that I am a Delegate Authority For?928862020-07-10517
15How do I expire or remove an employee from the UIC Directory?928852020-07-10540
16How do I add a new employee to the Directory?928842020-07-10469
17How do I use PbUpdate?928832020-07-10957
18How do I edit the "Also Known As" and "Keywords" link in DeptUpdate?928812020-07-10659
19How can I install Splunk universal forwarder on Windows?898052020-07-091852
20How can I install Splunk universal forwarder on Linux?861562020-07-092286

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