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1What is the cost of ACCC On-Site Support services?940772019-10-29151
2Is there a V7 Pinnacle Interface Training Video available?942112019-10-23207
3How do I access past Learning Technology Webinars and Workshops?929662019-10-18298
4How do I get focused training for my department/unit?932892019-10-18262
5How do I contact C-stop for support?929762019-10-17166
6Webinars and Workshops Calendar940702019-10-171409
7How do I register for a webinar?932882019-10-16168
8How can I set up a non-personal, group or department email address?833932019-10-161405
9How can I Upgrade an End-of-Life Windows 7 Computer?924802019-10-03129
10How to do I access hardware assistance for my computer?904202019-09-17286
11How can I find my department's Phonebook Contact or REACH representative?929582019-09-16148
12How do I request a Request Tracker (RT) instance?850962019-09-12590
13What is the monthly maintenance fee for my department's Request Tracker (RT) instance?940292019-09-12216
14Where can I receive technical support on campus for my personal devices?929942019-09-12387
15What are some key features of C-stop?929732019-09-12246
16How do I access LinkedIn Learning?757902019-09-12799
17How can I receive LinkedIn Learning customer support?807032019-09-12650
18How can I join AVIXA?940202019-09-12154
19Contact Us930882019-09-112083
20What is a REACH member?942092019-09-11177

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