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1*** How do I protect my Zoom sessions?998142020-10-133601
2*** How can I get support for Zoom?991372020-05-062484
3How to use Blackboard Collaborate in Classrooms for Synchronous Teaching?1048382020-10-23479
4How can Zoom meetings be scheduled in a Blackboard Course?992532020-10-143462
5Why can't I log in to the Webex portal?751832020-10-13928
6Why isn't my course on the list when I try to connect Blackboard to Poll Everywhere?764352020-10-131090
7What should I do if authentication failed when trying to log in to Webex?851852020-10-134046
8What are the best practices for Blackboard Collaborate?874672020-10-133539
9What conferencing tools are available for virtual collaboration with video?751252020-10-131355
10What if I get a Blackboard Collaborate error while uploading and converting a PowerPoint presentation?874932020-10-132267
11How can I request my own Webex host account?811212020-10-134763
12What is UIC's G Suite terms of use?935332020-10-131729
13What will happen with my polls when the enterprise license for Poll Everywhere expires?934882020-10-131061
14Why do I only have Zoom 'Basic' Access?992902020-10-131707
15What are some recommended default settings to use Zoom as an instructor?991662020-10-131267
16Is there a toll-free call option for phone conferencing?751702020-10-13835
17How do I install the Webex application to join a meeting?751842020-10-13813
18How do I configure Breakout Rooms in Zoom?991652020-10-0915439
19How to Get Started with Webex Meetings for Hosts813942020-10-051683
20How do I access Google Meet (previously known as Google Hangouts Meet)?942262020-10-011594

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