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1*** How can I get support for Zoom?991372020-05-061898
2*** How do I protect my Zoom sessions?998142020-04-072493
3How to use Blackboard Collaborate in Classrooms for Synchronous Teaching?1048382020-08-1137
4How to use Zoom in Classrooms for Synchronous Teaching?1047372020-08-0966
5What is the difference between Blackboard Collaborate, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom?1015772020-08-072094
6What will happen with my polls when the enterprise license for Poll Everywhere expires?934882020-07-28883
7What is UIC's G Suite terms of use?935332020-07-211391
8How can I fix common issues with my Webex meeting?751772020-07-162335
9How can I request my own Webex host account?811212020-07-154337
10How do I host an audio-only Webex meeting?811482020-07-1523797
11What happens to my G Suite content when I leave UIC?923382020-07-101503
12Why doesn't my Blackboard Mobile Learn app work?779932020-07-101061
13How do I use the Raise Hand feature in Webex?993092020-06-3021122
14How do I update my Zoom client to the latest version?1025292020-06-262289
15What conferencing tools are available for virtual collaboration with video?751252020-06-241020
16What if I get a Blackboard Collaborate error while uploading and converting a PowerPoint presentation?874932020-06-181894
17What type of information is approved to share in a Zoom meeting?750882020-06-01678
18Can I use Zoom with protected health information (PHI)?991892020-06-01804
19How can I use Zoom for PHI?1013162020-06-01857
20How can I protect PHI while using Zoom?1014062020-06-01523

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