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1How can I share audio in a Blackboard Collaborate session when using a Windows PC?1058902020-09-1752
2How can I share audio in a Blackboard Collaborate session when using a Mac?1059072020-09-1722
3Can non-UIC students participate in a webinar?757382020-08-251501
4How can I provide a link to a Blackboard Collaborate recording?757702020-08-241328
5How to use Blackboard Collaborate in Classrooms for Synchronous Teaching?1048382020-08-17286
6What will happen with my polls when the enterprise license for Poll Everywhere expires?934882020-07-28968
7Why doesn't my Blackboard Mobile Learn app work?779932020-07-101141
8What if I get a Blackboard Collaborate error while uploading and converting a PowerPoint presentation?874932020-06-182103
9What are the best practices for Blackboard Collaborate?874672020-05-283289
10Can I call in to Blackboard Collaborate with my phone?756612020-05-262575
11Why isn't my course on the list when I try to connect Blackboard to Poll Everywhere?764352020-05-251004
12What are some reasons Blackboard may be slow?758332020-05-252776
13Why is Blackboard asking me to install or update my Flash player when I try to play iSpring files, even though I have the latest version on my computer?756932020-05-251000
14Why is my webcam not showing?1003872020-04-14656
15How do I enable cookies on my (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge) browser?996082020-03-26750
16Can I use Collaborate to take attendance within Blackboard?946862020-03-112069
17How can I use a telephone line in Blackboard Collaborate?800442020-02-131166
18Can I get a list of guest users on Blackboard Collaborate?757372020-02-131525
19Which browsers are most compatible with Blackboard Learn?963342020-02-101230

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