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1What do I do now that I have been assigned as Phonebook Contact for my department?928822020-06-171097
2Where does the "Department" name for an individual come from when it is displayed in the online Directory?750262020-05-20581
3How do I update my information in the UIC Directory?930642020-02-071357
4How do I expire or remove an employee from the UIC Directory?928852019-10-31457
5How do I use PbUpdate?928832019-10-29855
6Where can phonebook contacts go for support documentation on using the UIC phonebook/directory?831232019-10-21681
7How do I add a new employee to the Directory?928842019-10-18399
8How is an Emeritus affiliation assigned?750322019-10-01394
9How do I find my Phonebook Contact person?752112019-09-101348
10How do I access the PbUpdate page?941032019-09-05812

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