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1How do I create a simple, secure, Web App in Azure?977232020-06-03528
2How do I create resource groups in Azure?977172020-06-03357
3What is cloud computing? [Campus login required]945882020-06-030
4What are some good resources for learning about Azure?982692020-02-27314
5What is Azure?945742020-02-27427
6How do I optimize Azure cost recommendations?977312020-02-27348
7How do I join a device to Azure Active Directory using SCCM?981802020-02-27772
8How do I join a device to Azure Active Directory using Group Policy?981792020-02-27450
9How do I control permissions in Azure?977272020-02-26294
10How do I restore a VM in Azure?977212020-02-26930
11How do I create an Azure storage account?977182020-02-26297
12What is Azure Blob Storage and how do I use it?977222020-02-26530
13How do I backup a VM in Azure?977202020-02-26346
14What are Azure policies and how do I use them?977282020-02-26340
15How do I set budgets in Azure and trigger an action when a threshold is met?977292020-02-26357
16How do I create a VM in Azure?977192020-02-26379
17Azure resources in regions other than North Central958782020-01-15551
18How can I create a resource group in Azure?945732019-10-01574
19Azure App Services or Kubernetes?946012019-09-302687
20How can I estimate the costs of using Azure?931972020-02-27424

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