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101How can I see all the students enrolled in my Blackboard class?905402020-10-081694
102Why can't my students see the course content?758132020-10-08776
103How do I check my grades in Blackboard?1060412020-10-08452
104How do you make a link on the content menu available to students?757952020-10-07805
105How do you make a Grade center row visible again if it was hidden previously?757822020-10-07885
106Is it possible to access gradebooks from previous courses?757752020-10-06738
107How can I send an Echo video to non-UIC faculty for closed-captioning services?757692020-10-061045
108How to create an item in a Blackboard Content Area?757142020-10-06830
109I want to add a weighted total column. Why is there nothing in "Select Columns" section?757052020-10-06855
110Why am I unable to upload content to my course?756532020-10-062943
111What should I do if I get Error: no audio output device installed?836502020-10-05741
112How do I enroll another instructor or my teaching assistant in my Blackboard course site?905412020-10-051253
113How do I use Discussion Boards in Blackboard Original?1062872020-10-02159
114How do I upload video to Blackboard?890982020-10-012047
115How do I take a test in Blackboard Original?1062702020-10-01163
116How do I take a test with Ultra View?1062892020-10-01159
117How do I get help?1062152020-10-01128
118What if I lose my work when taking a Blackboard Test?1062162020-10-01144
119How to succeed online1062192020-10-01138
120What if I’m having trouble finding or opening my assignment?1062222020-10-01136

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