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121How do I upload a PowerPoint to Blackboard?847382020-09-308783
122How do I subscribe to a Blackboard forum?757982020-09-30819
123How do I copy one item ( i.e., folder) from one of my courses to another in Blackboard?757072020-09-30934
124Why can't I see a horizontal scroll bar in Grade Center?756712020-09-301086
125Why can't I see a column in the Grade Center?756592020-09-28979
126How do I enable guest permissions in Blackboard so that guests have access to contents of the course?756802020-09-281033
127How do I Download Files from Blackboard?848102020-09-28953
128What should I do if Pearson MyLab doesn't work in Blackboard?874452020-09-28986
129How do I use the Spring 2021 Blackboard template?1061032020-09-24430
130How do I submit an assignment to Blackboard?1059722020-09-18209
131How can I share audio in a Blackboard Collaborate session when using a Windows PC?1058902020-09-17469
132What are the Best Practices for instructors using Blackboard Learn Tests?836512020-09-161262
133Can I transfer my content from SoftChalk to Adobe Captivate?758052020-09-16866
134What can be done if copying from Microsoft word to Blackboard does not work properly ?757832020-09-16864
135Do videos auto-publish to Echo360 in Blackboard?757722020-09-161101
136How can I import a course template to my new course site?757042020-09-161132
137How do I let a student re-submit an assignment in Blackboard?756982020-09-161030
138What do I do if iClicker no longer syncs with Blackboard after the upgrade?762752020-09-151167
139What should I know about the Blackboard Inline Grading Tool Bb Annotate?1057752020-09-14192
140How do I use the Blackboard Inline Grading Tool Bb Annotate?1057622020-09-14263

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