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181What will happen with my polls when the enterprise license for Poll Everywhere expires?934882019-12-03546
182What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?854572019-12-03844
183How can I login to Qualtrics Support Center?920002019-12-02659
184Why don't "some" students have access to my course site?757002019-11-25269
185How do I access my Google Productivity Tools?941842019-11-12569
186How do I create a UIC G Suite account?957552019-11-122213
187Why am I unable to print class Photo Roster?757232019-11-08404
188How do I print the Blackboard Class Photo Roster?956222019-11-07367
189Why can't I login to Blackboard (New UIC User)?762962019-10-23941
190How are students enrolled in my Blackboard course site?905312019-10-21523
191How do I add my presentation to a class in order for students to view it online?921022019-10-18426
192How do I get focused training for my department/unit?932892019-10-18497
193How do I implement formative assessment using polling and active learning tools ?934612019-10-18358
194How do I enroll another instructor or my teaching assistant in my Blackboard course site?905412019-10-17664
195How early can I request lecture captures?764362019-10-17933
196How can I learn more about Blackboard?929682019-10-17274
197How can I access UIC Library resources when not on campus?830912019-10-161154
198Why don't I have access to content (adaptive release)?905502019-10-16555
199How can I prevent plagiarism in my course?905342019-10-15857
200How do I upload a PowerPoint to Blackboard?847382019-10-153136

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