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21How can I Upgrade an End-of-Life Windows 7 Computer?924802019-10-03558
22How to do I access hardware assistance for my computer?904202019-09-17702
23How do I request a Request Tracker (RT) instance?850962019-09-121017
24What is the monthly maintenance fee for my department's Request Tracker (RT) instance?940292019-09-12672
25Where can I receive technical support on campus for my personal devices?929942019-09-12847
26What are some key features of C-stop?929732019-09-12584
27How can I join AVIXA?940202019-09-12438
28What is a REACH member?942092019-09-11542
29What are some features and benefits of contracted desktop support?938372019-09-11431
30What is the cost of Audio/Visual support for special events?943682019-09-09551
31What services for events does ACCC provide?941722019-09-09585
32How do I reserve audio/visual equipment and services?941732019-09-04493
33What are the Windows computer models and peripherals that are recommended by ACCC On-Site Support?929772019-09-04527
34How does my department, unit, or college nominate our REACH contacts?929602019-08-30507
35What is the cost of contracted desktop support?938382019-08-30441
36How is Gartner Research used at UIC?938572019-08-28321
37How do I access Gartner Research?941332019-08-28476
38How can I contact Educause?938622019-08-26430
39What is the IT or REACH contact information of each UIC college and/or department?830782019-08-26505
40LinkedIn learning - linking to your personal LinkedIn profile859292019-08-234197

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