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201How do you add content to the Content Area instead of the content system?757112020-10-14892
202Why does 'Check submissions for plagiarism using safe assign' disappear after I save it?757092020-08-261220
203How do I print a class roster without photos?757082020-08-24888
204How do I copy one item ( i.e., folder) from one of my courses to another in Blackboard?757072020-09-301027
205How can I track student views of a content item?757062020-08-251152
206I want to add a weighted total column. Why is there nothing in "Select Columns" section?757052020-10-06952
207How can I import a course template to my new course site?757042020-09-161243
208Why is there extra text/weird formatting when I send a Blackboard Announcement, although it looks fine before sending?757012020-08-261630
209Why don't "some" students have access to my course site?757002020-12-14839
210How do I let a student re-submit an assignment in Blackboard?756982020-09-161148
211What is the size limit for files uploaded into SafeAssign and Blackboard assignment space?756972020-08-262846
212How do I download discussion board posts in PDF format?756962020-11-161088
213Is there a way to have Blackboard record the student's grade with a penalty if they submit their assignment late?756922020-08-251716
214Does Blackboard send announcements out without the course being available to students?756912020-08-261416
215How do I remove old courses from my Blackboard homepage?756902020-07-132723
216Can I backup my course content to my local computer?756882020-07-131282
217How do I copy a test from one course site to another?756872020-10-141084
218How do I copy a course from one term to another?756862020-11-164396
219How do you set an extra credit option in tests ?756852020-11-161091
220How do I enable adaptive release option in a blackboard course site?756842020-11-021251

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