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221Which team should you contact regarding lecture center/rooms and their corresponding facilities ?756822020-10-131388
222How can I clear a student attempt in Grade center ?756812020-11-021272
223How do I enable guest permissions in Blackboard so that guests have access to contents of the course?756802020-09-281153
224How do you deploy a test?756792020-11-021222
225How do you allow students to access past courses?756782020-07-131072
226How do I get help with Adobe Captivate?756772020-10-131985
227How do I use Adobe Captivate?756762020-07-131133
228How can I make individual blogs on Blackboard private?756732020-07-131398
229Why can't I view course materials after the professor added me as a guest to the course site?756722020-12-031126
230Why can't I see a horizontal scroll bar in Grade Center?756712020-09-301200
231How can I use the Weighted Total column in the Grade Center?756702020-11-021302
232Is there a way to edit my post in the Discussion Board?756692020-12-031164
233Is there a way to see whether or not a student has logged onto a particular blackboard site?756682020-08-241256
234Why do I get an error message when accessing Grade Center?756672020-11-091019
235How can an instructor access their course as a student?756662020-11-021362
236Why do I see a blank page when I access my course site?756652020-08-241144
237How can I change my course name?756642020-11-021215
238How can I delete all of the old content that was copied from a previous course site?756632020-09-031180
239How do I solve the 'Roster File Not Found' error in iClicker?756622020-09-031214
240Can I call in to Blackboard Collaborate with my phone?756612020-05-263283

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