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321How do I customize the release of my Blackboard content848132019-04-29387
322Automatic Closed Captioning for Echo 360 video912042019-04-19631
323How can my students view feedback for each individual question?756502019-04-01568
324How do I make my course site available?833182019-04-01545
325Create Grading Periods905482019-03-25386
326How do I un-enroll an erroneous or inactive instructor from my Blackboard course site?905422019-03-25390
327Adding a Total Column in the grade center905442019-03-25457
328Creating Grading Schemas905452019-03-25446
329How does the student preview option work ?757782019-03-20391
330How do you upload/download your online gradebook to Blackboard Learn?836772019-03-20648
331How to create self-enrollment groups758432019-03-20573
332How do I remove a student from the Blackboard course enrollment list?836392019-03-201919
333How do I upload a zipped 'Test Bank' into my blackboard course site?758012019-03-20408
334How to use delegated grading in Blackboard?758302019-03-20360
335How to create an item in a Blackboard Content Area?757142019-03-20384
336I want to add a weighted total column. Why is there nothing in "Select Columns" section?757052019-03-18381
337How do you delete items in Echo360?758212019-03-18428
338How do you make a link on the content menu available to students?757952019-03-16414
339Is it possible to access gradebooks from previous courses?757752019-03-13348
340How does the Portfolios tool in Blackboard work?757132019-03-12395

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