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61How can I use the Weighted Total column in the Grade Center?756702020-02-13766
62How can I copy a test or a survey from one course to another?757552020-02-13685
63Why does 'Check submissions for plagiarism using safe assign' disappear after I save it?757092020-02-13658
64How can an instructor access their course as a student?756662020-02-13875
65How can I delete all of the old content that was copied from a previous course site?756632020-02-13702
66Where do you find Blackboard help for faculty and students?757962020-02-13601
67How do I let a student re-submit an assignment in Blackboard?756982020-02-13561
68Can I backup my course content to my local computer?756882020-02-13818
69Do you provide media conversion services to students?756492020-02-13857
70What can be done if copying from Microsoft word to Blackboard does not work properly ?757832020-02-13527
71How do I solve the 'Roster File Not Found' error in iClicker?756622020-02-13762
72How do I manage my course list?906012020-02-13638
73What version of Adobe Captivate should I install?756472020-02-13832
74How do I Download Files from Blackboard?848102020-02-13616
75How can I publish a SoftChalk lesson?757682020-02-13765
76What do I do if iClicker no longer syncs with Blackboard after the upgrade?762752020-02-13763
77How do I copy one item ( i.e., folder) from one of my courses to another in Blackboard?757072020-02-13581
78How can I use a telephone line in Blackboard Collaborate?800442020-02-13887
79How do you allow students to access past courses?756782020-02-13659
80How can I provide a link to a Blackboard Collaborate recording?757702020-02-13923

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