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81How do I solve the 'Roster File Not Found' error in iClicker?756622020-02-13845
82How do I manage my course list?906012020-02-13708
83What version of Adobe Captivate should I install?756472020-02-13914
84How do I Download Files from Blackboard?848102020-02-13686
85How can I publish a SoftChalk lesson?757682020-02-13856
86What do I do if iClicker no longer syncs with Blackboard after the upgrade?762752020-02-13844
87How do I copy one item ( i.e., folder) from one of my courses to another in Blackboard?757072020-02-13652
88How can I use a telephone line in Blackboard Collaborate?800442020-02-131023
89How do you allow students to access past courses?756782020-02-13736
90How can I provide a link to a Blackboard Collaborate recording?757702020-02-131045
91How can I make individual blogs on Blackboard private?756732020-02-13858
92How can I use Blackboard Content Item Availability / Adaptive Release?905382020-02-13781
93How do I use Adobe Captivate?756762020-02-13788
94How do I upload files to a Content Area in Blackboard?905372020-02-13834
95Which media and file types are supported in Blackboard?836722020-02-131115
96Are instructors able to use letter grades in Blackboard's Grade Center?757852020-02-131048
97Piazza - Is there an alternate discussion board for use in Blackboard?907772020-02-131005
98Why can't I customize the theme or colors in Blackboard?756432020-02-13978
99Is there a way to have Blackboard record the student's grade with a penalty if they submit their assignment late?756922020-02-131072
100How can I edit the sample banner in the course template or add a new banner to my Blackboard course?758342020-02-131339

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