1. Which classrooms are enabled for lecture capture?
  2. How can you download an Echo360 video if it is enabled?
  3. Why can't I download Echo360 videos?
  4. How can students access captured lectures in Blackboard?
  5. How can I use Panopto to submit a video assignment?
  6. How do I add closed captions to video in Panopto?
  7. How do I get my lecture recorded?
  8. How do I link additional Echo360 course sections to a Blackboard course site?
  9. Does Panopto support screen readers?
  10. What kind of content can I create in Panopto?
  11. How do I access video statistics in Panopto?
  12. Why is my Lecture Capture displaying a green screen?
  13. How do I search video transcript in Panopto?
  14. How do I upload multiple video files to Panopto?
  15. How do I record myself on video in Panopto?
  16. Removing file permissions in Blackboard Learn Content System (Webdisk)
  17. How do I Download Echo360 Personal Capture?
  18. How do I install Panopto?
  19. How do I ensure my Lecture Capture is recording in the classroom?
  20. How do I edit a video in Panopto?
  21. How do I create a link to Echo360 ALP in the left navigation?
  22. How do I add the Echo360 ALP LTI tool link to course content?
  23. Which browsers are compatible with Echo360?
  24. How can I configure Echo360 Personal Capture Software for Mac?
  25. How do I add the Echo360 ALP LTI tool link to course content?
  26. What does it mean when an Echo360 Section does not exist for my course?
  27. What can I do if my classroom does not support lecture capture?
  28. How to Configure Echo360 Personal Capture Software
  29. Can I view Panopto videos on my mobile device?
  30. How do I upload video to Blackboard?
  31. How do I use Echo360 Universal Capture?
  32. How long is Panopto data retained in UIC?
  33. How do I add my presentation to a class in order for students to view it online?
  34. How early can I request lecture captures?
  35. How do I turn my PowerPoint presentation into a video using Panopto?
  36. How do I connect my Echo360 ALP section to a Blackboard content link?
  37. How can I find out more about Echo360?
  38. How do I record myself and/or a presentation in Panopto?
  39. How do I turn on "Prevent Cross Site Tracking" to correct Echo360 ALP log in problems with Safari?
  40. How do I access Echo360 Universal Capture?