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1VPN Access Control for departmental networks [Campus login required]750292020-03-170
2What is Qualys? [Campus login required]962392019-12-160
3What is cloud computing? [Campus login required]945882019-09-250
4I am traveling out of the country, how can I avoid international data charges for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) logins? [Campus login required]755212020-03-101
5How do I connect to Windows Virtual Desktop using the desktop application?993662020-03-3011
6What software is available through Windows Virtual Desktop?997662020-03-3020
7Why am I prompted for credentials twice for Windows Virtual Desktop?993732020-03-2726
8How do I connect to Windows Virtual Desktop using a mobile device?993462020-03-2729
9How do I connect to Windows Virtual Desktop using a browser?993682020-03-2838
10How can I estimate the costs of using Azure?931972020-02-2794
11How do I create a VM in Azure?977192020-02-26106
12How do I control permissions in Azure?977272020-02-26108
13How do I manage the cost impact of cloud applications?979152020-02-27111
14How do I create an Azure storage account?977182020-02-26115
15How do I optimize Azure cost recommendations?977312020-02-27117
16What is Azure?945742020-02-27120
17How do I backup a VM in Azure?977202020-02-26120
18How do I create resource groups in Azure?977172020-02-27126
19What is Azure Blob Storage and how do I use it?977222020-02-26127
20How do I set budgets in Azure and trigger an action when a threshold is met?977292020-02-26127

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