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1Are MS SQL databases available through ACCC?940272019-09-11139
2Are MySQL databases available through ACCC?940252019-09-04141
3Azure App Services or Kubernetes?946012019-09-3063
4Can I save my password in AnyConnect VPN?752072019-09-05885
5Can I use the UIC VPN through a Remote Desktop session?900632019-08-26709
6Does UIC have a network backup service?913052019-09-09194
7How can guests and visitors access UIC Wireless?800092019-08-26915
8How can I find the MAC address of my Device?771662019-08-23444
9How can I access UIC Library resources when not on campus?830912019-10-16706
10How can I connect a smart TV, Roku, Amazon Echoe, etc. to UIC Wi-Fi using the My Devices Portal?823042019-10-17309
11How can I create a resource group in Azure?945732019-10-0147
12How can I download a backup client?913032019-10-15182
13How can I estimate a monthly cost for Azure?927062019-10-0167
14How can I estimate the costs of using Azure? [Campus login required]931972019-10-010
15How can I find my IP address and MAC address on a Windows computer?944312019-09-115826
16How can I request help for IT or wireless issues in my dorm/residence hall?927682019-08-13216
17How can we properly report service or network outages?831222019-07-22467
18How do I access ADNS File Shares?930702019-08-01189
19How do I access university resources from off-campus?867302019-08-30968
20How do I configure Mac OS X for Wired Res-Net and DHCP?930272019-08-13195

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