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1How do I uninstall Viscosity VPN?756742019-02-27766
2VPN Access Control for departmental networks [Campus login required]750292019-03-040
3How do I request a pager?912892019-06-13201
4Is there a network backup Service for tigger and mailserv?913042019-07-10122
5How do I restore backed-up files?912832019-07-10393
6What information on backups is available for Administrators?912782019-07-10200
7How do I connect to UIC-WiFi with a Kindle Fire?835012019-07-22582
8How can we properly report service or network outages?831222019-07-22476
9How do I access ADNS File Shares?930702019-08-01197
10How do I set up the My Devices Portal?929702019-08-121603
11What group should I use for AnyConnect VPN?752082019-08-131897
12How do I set up a departmental wireless network?921122019-08-13241
13How do I configure Mac OS X for Wired Res-Net and DHCP?930272019-08-13205
14How to access ADNS File Shares on Mac?930332019-08-13205
15What do I do when I'm restoring files from ADSM backup and get error message ANS1410E?930512019-08-13160
16How do I get started with backups for desktops and laptops?912792019-08-13765
17What are the common problems with CrashPlan?912852019-08-13420
18What are UIC's telephone rates, stipulations, and services offered?912382019-08-13529
19How can I request help for IT or wireless issues in my dorm/residence hall?927682019-08-13228
20Why are there two groups as options to logging in to the VPN?939872019-08-21211

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