1. What is AVIXA?
  2. How can I join AVIXA?
  3. How does my department, unit, or college nominate our REACH contacts?
  4. What is a REACH member?
  5. How can I set up a non-personal, group or department email address?
  6. Where is the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) IT Leadership Council for midsized companies page?
  7. What are the Recharge Stations at C-stop used for?
  8. Where can I receive technical support on campus for my personal devices?
  9. How do I access Gartner Research?
  10. How can I Upgrade an End-of-Life Windows 7 Computer?
  11. What is the monthly maintenance fee for my department's Request Tracker (RT) instance?
  12. How is Gartner Research used at UIC?
  13. What is the cost of contracted desktop support?
  14. What are some features and benefits of contracted desktop support?
  15. How do I get focused training for my department/unit?
  16. Contact Us
  17. Where can I learn how to use MS Teams?
  18. How can I find my department's Phonebook Contact or REACH representative?
  19. How do I contact C-stop for support?
  20. What are the features and benefits of Technology Solutions On-Site Support services?
  21. What services for events does Technology Solutions provide?
  22. How do I get help with Adobe Captivate?
  23. What are the Windows computer models and peripherals that are recommended by Technology Solutions On-Site Support?
  24. What is the cost of Technology Solutions On-Site Support services?
  25. What are some key features of C-stop?
  26. How to do I access hardware assistance for my computer?
  27. How can I receive LinkedIn Learning customer support?
  28. How do I reserve audio/visual equipment and services?
  29. Webinars and Workshops Calendar
  30. What is the cost of Audio/Visual/Multimedia support for special projects and events?
  31. How do I request a Request Tracker (RT) instance?
  32. Is there a V7 Pinnacle Interface Training Video available?
  33. What is Educause?
  34. How do I register for a webinar?
  35. How do I access past Learning Technology Webinars and Workshops?
  36. How do I access LinkedIn Learning?
  37. How do I log in to LinkedIn Learning Mobile Apps?
  38. How can I contact Educause?
  39. What is the IT or REACH contact information of each UIC college and/or department?
  40. LinkedIn learning - linking to your personal LinkedIn profile