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1Where is the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) IT Leadership Council for midsized companies page?940722020-11-101411
2Where can I receive technical support on campus for my personal devices?929942020-10-291635
3Where can I learn how to use MS Teams?750922020-12-281346
4What services for events does Technology Solutions provide?941722020-10-131105
5What is the monthly maintenance fee for my department's Request Tracker (RT) instance?940292020-10-201253
6What is the IT or REACH contact information of each UIC college and/or department?830782019-08-261027
7What is the cost of Technology Solutions On-Site Support services?940772020-10-13874
8What is the cost of contracted desktop support?938382020-10-19982
9What is the cost of Audio/Visual/Multimedia support for special projects and events?943682020-09-161064
10What is Educause?938592020-08-031389
11What is AVIXA?929692020-11-171358
12What is a REACH member?942092020-11-171084
13What are the Windows computer models and peripherals that are recommended by Technology Solutions On-Site Support?929772020-10-131238
14What are the Recharge Stations at C-stop used for?919872020-11-091359
15What are the features and benefits of Technology Solutions On-Site Support services?929742020-10-131155
16What are some key features of C-stop?929732020-10-131105
17What are some features and benefits of contracted desktop support?938372020-10-19972
18Webinars and Workshops Calendar940702020-11-3013893
19LinkedIn learning - linking to your personal LinkedIn profile859292021-01-118934
20Is there a V7 Pinnacle Interface Training Video available?942112020-08-211019

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