1. How can I get support for Zoom?
  2. How do I protect my Zoom sessions?
  3. What type of information is approved to share in a Zoom meeting?
  4. Can I use Zoom with protected health information (PHI)?
  5. How can I use Zoom for PHI?
  6. How can I protect PHI while using Zoom?
  7. What if I get a Blackboard Collaborate error while uploading and converting a PowerPoint presentation?
  8. What are the best practices for Blackboard Collaborate?
  9. What are some best practices for using Zoom for meetings?
  10. How do I get started with Zoom?
  11. What should I do if authentication failed when trying to log in to Webex?
  12. Learn@Illinois Moodle - Adding a Guest to a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session
  13. How do I update my Zoom client to the latest version?
  14. Can I call in to Blackboard Collaborate with my phone?
  15. Why isn't my course on the list when I try to connect Blackboard to Poll Everywhere?
  16. What are some reasons Blackboard may be slow?
  17. Why is Blackboard asking me to install or update my Flash player when I try to play iSpring files, even though I have the latest version on my computer?
  18. What is the difference between Blackboard Collaborate, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom?
  19. How can I Record a Webex Meeting?
  20. How can Zoom meetings be scheduled in a Blackboard Course?
  21. Can I allow anyone to host my Webex meeting using a template?
  22. How do I access Google Meet (previously known as Google Hangouts Meet)?
  23. Why is my webcam not showing?
  24. Is there a toll-free call option for phone conferencing?
  25. What are some common problems about using Zoom?
  26. How can I allow only authenticated users to join Zoom meetings?
  27. How can I learn more about using Webex Events?
  28. What do I do if I am being prompted to switch accounts when I log into Zoom?
  29. How do I configure Breakout Rooms in Zoom?
  30. How can I password protect previously scheduled Zoom sessions?
  31. What conferencing tools are available for virtual collaboration with video?
  32. How do I use the Webex mobile app?
  33. How do I enable cookies on my (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge) browser?
  34. How do I log-in to the Webex mobile app?
  35. How do I use the Raise Hand feature in Webex?
  36. Why do I only have Zoom 'Basic' Access?
  37. How do I start or schedule a Zoom Meeting?
  38. How do I add Zoom plugins?
  39. What are some recommended default settings to use Zoom as an instructor?
  40. Can I access Zoom in China?
  41. How accessible is Zoom?
  42. How do I use Zoom Cloud Recordings?
  43. What are some best practices for instructors using Zoom?
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  47. Can I use Collaborate to take attendance within Blackboard?
  48. Can non-UIC students participate in a webinar?
  49. How can I use a telephone line in Blackboard Collaborate?
  50. Why doesn't my Blackboard Mobile Learn app work?
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  52. How can I schedule a Webex meeting in Microsoft Outlook for the Mac?
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  54. How do I start using Poll Everywhere?
  55. What will happen with my polls when the enterprise license for Poll Everywhere expires?
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