1. My department has approved my mobile device and data plan purchase. Where can I find a list of available equipment?
  2. How can I request help for IT or wireless issues in my dorm/residence hall?
  3. How many phone lines can I install on one jack?
  4. Who can submit a request to install a data jack?
  5. Who do I contact for support for my departmental provided mobile device?
  6. Who can request an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD's)?
  7. How do I forward calls from my VOIP phone remotely?
  8. How can I customize settings with Unity Messaging Assistant?
  9. How do I report a problem with a phone line?
  10. How do I request a new mobile device?
  11. How do I make a conference call on a Cisco phone?
  12. How do I check my Unity voicemail?
  13. How to report a Telecommunications problem?
  14. Is there a V7 Pinnacle Interface Training Video available?
  15. How can I manage Unity Voicemail online with Web Inbox?
  16. How do I use the analog (Centrex) voicemail system?
  17. UIC Telecommunications Building Standards
  18. How do I recover a deleted Unity voicemail email message?
  19. How do I change my Asterisk VoIP password?
  20. How can I remotely access the VoIP Asterisk voicemail system?
  21. How do I set incoming calls to go directly to my VoIP voicemail?
  22. My voicemail has been converted to Unity, how can I access my old voicemails on Asterisk?
  23. How do I get started with Pinnacle V7 Account Manager?
  24. How do I get started with Pinnacle V7 Department Manager?
  25. What is an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)?