1. 2FA, Authentication methods & devices [Campus login required]
  2. 2FA, Adding a Device to Duo [Campus login required]
  3. 2FA - What is 2-Factor Authentication? [Campus login required]
  4. 2FA, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [Campus login required]
  5. 2FA, Temporary Passcode [Campus login required]
  6. 2FA, Activate Duo Mobile for Your Device [Campus login required]
  7. 2FA, Installing the Duo Mobile app [Campus login required]
  8. How do I join a device to Azure Active Directory using MECM?
  9. 2FA, Enroll a new phone/new phone number
  10. What can I do if I'm locked out of an Active Directory Account?
  11. 2FA - Getting started with Duo [Campus login required]
  12. 2FA, How do I enroll in 2-Factor Authentication from off campus? [Campus login required]
  13. 2FA - What is Remember Me? [Campus login required]
  14. 2FA - Hardware tokens [Campus login required]
  15. 2FA - How to set default device & automatic authentication method [Campus login required]
  16. 2FA - How to manage your devices [Campus login required]
  17. [2FA] Can I use a Chinese (Country Code +86) phone number with Duo?
  18. How do I request Shibboleth (SAML) integration?
  19. What do I need to know about web security, restricted access, and Bluestem?
  20. Is there a List of SAML (Shibboleth) supported applications at UIC?
  21. How do I run my own Bluestem server?
  22. How can I workaround Shibboleth Credentialkey authentication error?
  23. Why can't I log in to UIC applications?
  24. How is Shibboleth used at UIC?
  25. How can I enroll in 2FA while on campus?
  26. Where can I find UI Verify 2FA Temporary Code Instructions?
  27. I am traveling out of the country, how can I avoid international data charges for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) logins? [Campus login required]
  28. How do I install and configure Shibboleth?
  29. How do I install Bluestem on a Linux server?