1. How do I upload a PowerPoint to Blackboard?
  2. How long does it take to receive a SafeAssign report?
  3. What file types can be submitted to SafeAssign in Blackboard Learn?
  4. My exam uses Respondus LockDown and Monitor; what should I do as a student?
  5. How do I add my TAs in Blackboard?
  6. How do I request a Blackboard Learn course copy?
  7. What are the best practices for Blackboard Collaborate?
  8. How do I copy a course from one term to another?
  9. How can Zoom meetings be scheduled in a Blackboard Course?
  10. How do I remove a student from the Blackboard course enrollment list?
  11. What are some reasons Blackboard may be slow?
  12. Why am I unable to upload content to my course?
  13. How do I print discussion board content from Blackboard?
  14. How do I Remove a Student from my Blackboard Course?
  15. How to troubleshoot Blackboard Collaborate disconnection?
  16. How can I prevent plagiarism in my course?
  17. How can instructors prevent cheating in online tests?
  18. What is the size limit for files uploaded into SafeAssign and Blackboard assignment space?
  19. How do I add students to a Blackboard Learn course site?
  20. Can I merge two courses and have all students be on one course site?
  21. Can I use Collaborate to take attendance within Blackboard?
  22. How can I manage my courses on the new Blackboard
  23. How do I remove old courses from my Blackboard homepage?
  24. How can I convert files to alternative formats?
  25. How do I send an email or announcement to students from Blackboard?
  26. Where can I learn how to use Respondus Monitor as an instructor?
  27. Is the Blackboard Class Photo Roster Tool Visible to Students?
  28. How do I upload video to Blackboard?
  29. What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?
  30. Why can't I login to Blackboard (New UIC User)?
  31. How do I get help with Adobe Captivate?
  32. Blackboard is not reflecting my updated schedule of classes
  33. How can an Instructor view the SafeAssign percentage and report for each student submission?
  34. How do I create a test in Blackboard Learn?
  35. How Do I Collect and Grade Student Assignment Submissions in Blackboard?
  36. How can I edit the sample banner in the course template or add a new banner to my Blackboard course?
  37. How do I create a Blackboard account for an external (non-UIC) user?
  38. How can I see all the students enrolled in my Blackboard class?
  39. How can I create an assignment link using SafeAssign?
  40. How can I record student attendance in my course site?
  41. Piazza - Is there an alternate discussion board for use in Blackboard?
  42. How can I copy or move individual materials in Blackboard?
  43. Is there a way to have Blackboard record the student's grade with a penalty if they submit their assignment late?
  44. Which media and file types are supported in Blackboard?
  45. How can I view survey results in Blackboard Grade Center?
  46. Who do I contact for iClicker Support?
  47. Using the Export Grades Tool in Blackboard
  48. How do student organizations build websites at UIC?
  49. Why can't I reorder content using the drag-and-drop feature?
  50. Why isn't my current class listed in personal capture even though I have registered for it in the past?
  51. How to view past courses in Blackboard
  52. How do I request an iClicker Instructor Base?
  53. What is the Blackboard Learn discussion board?
  54. Why is there extra text/weird formatting when I send a Blackboard Announcement, although it looks fine before sending?
  55. Are instructors able to use letter grades in Blackboard's Grade Center?
  56. How can I use a telephone line in Blackboard Collaborate?
  57. Why doesn't my Blackboard Mobile Learn app work?
  58. Do you provide media conversion services to students?
  59. What should I do if my Blackboard account access is denied?
  60. Does Blackboard send announcements out without the course being available to students?
  61. Which team should you contact regarding lecture center/rooms and their corresponding facilities ?
  62. How can I publish a SoftChalk lesson?
  63. Can I view classroom schedules and when classrooms are being used?
  64. Why can't I customize the theme or colors in Blackboard?
  65. Can students run their own Collaborate sessions?
  66. How do I upload files to a Content Area in Blackboard?
  67. How does an instructor get a guest link to a Blackboard Collaborate session?
  68. Can I copy the content to my course site from a course that I am not listed as an instructor?
  69. What are the Best Practices for instructors using Blackboard Learn Tests?
  70. Can students see tools in the control panel area in Blackboard?
  71. How can an instructor access their course as a student?
  72. How do I make my Blackboard course available to students?
  73. How can I make individual blogs on Blackboard private?
  74. Resumable Tests in Blackboard Learn
  75. How do I enroll another instructor or my teaching assistant in my Blackboard course site?
  76. How can I password protect previously scheduled Zoom sessions?
  77. How do I make my course site available?
  78. Can I backup my course content to my local computer?
  79. How can I use Blackboard Content Item Availability / Adaptive Release?
  80. How can I allow guests to access my Blackboard course?
  81. What version of Adobe Captivate should I install?
  82. What do I do if iClicker no longer syncs with Blackboard after the upgrade?
  83. Is there a way to see whether or not a student has logged onto a particular blackboard site?
  84. How can I use the Weighted Total column in the Grade Center?
  85. Why isn't my course on the list when I try to connect Blackboard to Poll Everywhere?
  86. How do I enable adaptive release option in a blackboard course site?
  87. How do you make a course available to students?
  88. How can I schedule a lecture capture?
  89. How can I clear a student attempt in Grade center ?
  90. Why is Blackboard asking me to install or update my Flash player when I try to play iSpring files, even though I have the latest version on my computer?
  91. How can I import a course template to my new course site?
  92. How do I solve the 'Roster File Not Found' error in iClicker?
  93. How do you deploy a test?
  94. Do videos auto-publish to Echo360 in Blackboard?
  95. How can I give a student marked as 'unavailable' access to my course?
  96. How long does it take for a Blackboard Collaborate recording to publish?
  97. How can I change my course name?
  98. Is Blackboard Connect a part of the services UIC subscribes to?
  99. Why does 'Check submissions for plagiarism using safe assign' disappear after I save it?
  100. How can I change the point of entry for my course?
  101. Why can't I see a horizontal scroll bar in Grade Center?
  102. Where do you find Blackboard help for faculty and students?
  103. How do you give moderator privileges to someone in Blackboard Collaborate?
  104. Can guests participate in Blackboard discussion boards?
  105. How can I delete all of the old content that was copied from a previous course site?
  106. How are students enrolled in my Blackboard course site?
  107. Firefox crashed on my computer. What should I do?
  108. How can I copy a test or a survey from one course to another?
  109. How do you edit rubrics and make it available to the students?
  110. How do I send an email using Blackboard Ultra?
  111. How can I reference photos of my Blackboard students?
  112. How can I track student views of a content item?
  113. Why is my webcam not showing?
  114. How can I caption a video that is intended for a Blackboard course?
  115. How do I use Adobe Captivate?
  116. Why do I see a blank page when I access my course site?
  117. What course roles are available in Blackboard?
  118. How do I upload Word or PDF Files to Blackboard?
  119. Is Blackboard Learn Accessible with JAWS?
  120. Is there a way to edit my post in the Discussion Board?
  121. How can I edit my Blackboard notification options?
  122. How do I enable guest permissions in Blackboard so that guests have access to contents of the course?
  123. How can I send an Echo video to non-UIC faculty for closed-captioning services?
  124. Why can't I view course materials after the professor added me as a guest to the course site?
  125. How do you upload/download your online gradebook to Blackboard Learn?
  126. How do I print the Blackboard Class Photo Roster?
  127. How do I let a student re-submit an assignment in Blackboard?
  128. How do I manage my course list?
  129. Where can I store Lightboard videos and how can my students access them?
  130. How can my students view feedback for each individual question?
  131. Ultra: How do I filter my courses/ show only the current semester of courses?
  132. How do you allow students to access past courses?
  133. What do I do if I am being prompted to switch accounts when I log into Zoom?
  134. Why do I have to agree to terms of service just to upload a profile picture in Blackboard?
  135. How do I copy a test from one course site to another?
  136. How do I download all the submitted papers for an assignment?
  137. I've uploaded all my course content to Blackboard and made my course available, but students see "No course content".
  138. How do I request to restore an archived Blackboard course?
  139. Why can't I see a column in the Grade Center?
  140. How do I add my presentation to a class in order for students to view it online?
  141. How can I list all the users enrolled in my Blackboard class?
  142. VoiceThread error: The authentication failed; the signature on your request did not match the expected value.
  143. How to create self-enrollment groups
  144. How do you set an extra credit option in tests ?
  145. Why do questions appear to randomized on my test even though I didn't randomize questions?
  146. What happens to my Blackboard site at the end of a term?
  147. What should I do if Pearson MyLab doesn't work in Blackboard?
  148. How do I download discussion board posts in PDF format?
  149. Why don't I have access to content (adaptive release)?
  150. Why can't I add assignments to a weighted column?
  151. How do I Download Files from Blackboard?
  152. What are the steps to be followed if the Technology Solutions password gets expired for an user ?
  153. How Do I Access Another Instructor's Blackboard Course Contents?
  154. What does it mean when an Echo360 Section does not exist for my course?
  155. How do I change course duration in Blackboard?
  156. How do I copy one item ( i.e., folder) from one of my courses to another in Blackboard?
  157. Why do I get an error message when accessing Grade Center?
  158. How can I check all my course links in a course to make sure they are still valid?
  159. How do I save a PowerPoint presentation as a video?
  160. What is the purpose of the Activity Stream in Blackboard?
  161. Adding a Total Column in the grade center
  162. How can I see what students are underperforming in my course?
  163. What is the Blackboard Calendar?
  164. How do I request a Course Template Import?
  165. How can I use Collaborate Ultra in my Ultra view course?
  166. How do you make a Grade center row visible again if it was hidden previously?
  167. Date management: How can I update content dates from a previous semester?
  168. Where do we purchase iClicker bases?
  169. What can be done if copying from Microsoft word to Blackboard does not work properly ?
  170. How do you bulk delete unwanted items in a Blackboard course?
  171. How do I upload grades from the iClicker app (on my laptop) to Blackboard?
  172. I want to add a weighted total column. Why is there nothing in "Select Columns" section?
  173. Creating Grading Schemas
  174. Can I transfer my content from SoftChalk to Adobe Captivate?
  175. Entering and Managing Grades
  176. How do I upload a zipped 'Test Bank' into my blackboard course site?
  177. How do I subscribe to a Blackboard forum?
  178. How to create an item in a Blackboard Content Area?
  179. How do I un-enroll an erroneous or inactive instructor from my Blackboard course site?
  180. How do I add files to my Blackboard site?
  181. How do you delete tests from a course site ?
  182. How does the Portfolios tool in Blackboard work?
  183. How do you add content to the Content Area instead of the content system?
  184. How do you make a link on the content menu available to students?
  185. How do I make my course available to people outside of UIC?
  186. How do you delete items in Echo360?
  187. How do you add tools link to the content area in Blackboard?
  188. How do I have students write a blog post?
  189. How do I customize the release of my Blackboard content
  190. How do I print a class roster without photos?
  191. Is there a math editor available in Blackboard?
  192. How can I use Rubrics in my course?
  193. How can I award badges to my students?
  194. How can I see activity of students in my Blackboard course?
  195. How does the student preview option work ?
  196. What are my options for recording a guest lecture?
  197. How do I create a glossary of terms?
  198. Why can't my students see the course content?
  199. How do I adjust the notifications I receive from Blackboard?
  200. How do I let a student access an Ultra View site after the semester has ended?
  201. Create Grading Periods
  202. How do I randomize questions pulled from a questions bank in the Ultra course view?
  203. Ultra: How do I prevent students from creating discussion boards?
  204. How to use delegated grading in Blackboard?
  205. How do I ensure my Lecture Capture is recording in the classroom?
  206. How can my students create a portfolio?
  207. Ultra: Where can I find my Blackboard profile?
  208. Is it possible to access gradebooks from previous courses?
  209. What is the contacts tool?
  210. What should I do if I get Error: no audio output device installed?
  211. Ultra: How do I make my course available to students?
  212. Why can't I see the + sign on the top left of the content area anymore?
  213. Ultra: Where do I grade my students' work?
  214. How do I put my students into online groups?
  215. Why don't "some" students have access to my course site?
  216. How can instructors view Groups as a student?
  217. How can I use a Journal with my students?
  218. How do I get an external tool integrated in Blackboard?
  219. How do I test the student experience using Respondus as an instructor?
  220. How can I share audio in a Blackboard Collaborate session when using a Windows PC?
  221. How can I preview a tool integrated in Blackboard as student?
  222. How do I use the Spring 2021 Blackboard template?
  223. How do I check my grades in Blackboard?
  224. How do I use the Blackboard Inline Grading Tool Bb Annotate?
  225. How do I submit an assignment to Blackboard?