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1Why do questions appear to randomized on my test even though I didn't randomize questions?757422018-08-20542
2What are the steps to be followed if the ACCC password gets expired for an user ?756552018-08-20527
3How can I give a student marked as 'unavailable' access my course?756582018-08-20644
4Can students see tools in the control panel area in Blackboard?758372018-08-22789
5Blackboard is not reflecting my updated schedule of classes758422018-08-22958
6Firefox crashed on my computer. What should I do?758452018-08-22606
7Is there a way to edit my post in the Discussion Board?756692018-08-23590
8Can I copy the content to my course site from a course that I am not listed as an instructor?757562018-08-23719
9How do you give moderator privileges to someone in Blackboard Collaborate?757512018-08-23583
10Why do I have to agree to terms of service just to upload a profile picture in Blackboard?762132018-08-27537
11Why is there extra text/weird formatting when I send a Blackboard Announcement, although it looks fine before sending?757012018-09-05721
12How can I list all the users enrolled in my Blackboard class?836522018-09-19539
13What is the Blackboard Learn discussion board?836352018-09-19594
14What are my options for recording a guest lecture?757612019-03-01399
15How do you add tools link to the content area in Blackboard?757122019-03-04398
16How do you add content to the Content Area instead of the content system?757112019-03-04416
17Why can't my students see the course content?758132019-03-11380
18How does the Portfolios tool in Blackboard work?757132019-03-12395
19Is it possible to access gradebooks from previous courses?757752019-03-13348
20How do you make a link on the content menu available to students?757952019-03-16414

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