1. Are there tools to enhance my website?
  2. How can I increase the maximum number of surveys allowed in my Qualtrics queue?
  3. What happens to my Qualtrics data after I leave UIC?
  4. How do I use Qualtrics or find instructional documentation and training?
  5. How can I login to Qualtrics Support Center?
  6. Is Qualtrics accessible?
  7. Are there limits on how much data I may collect using Qualtrics?
  8. How can I find my missing Qualtrics surveys?
  9. How do I use the incentives feature in Qualtrics?
  10. How do I upload a spreadsheet of contacts into Qualtrics?
  11. How can I provide external colleagues access to UIC Qualtrics?
  12. How can I create a group of collaborators in Qualtrics?
  13. How do I access UIC Qualtrics?
  14. How can I change the theme or ‘look & feel’ of my Qualtrics survey?
  15. Why won't my Qualtrics survey publish/activate?
  16. Is Qualtrics HIPAA Compliant?